Will you be audited by Oracle?

Answer a YES or a NO to each of the questions below.

  • Have you undergone a hardware consolidation or infrastructure modernisation in the last 18 months?
  • Are you using virtualisation software such as VMware in your Oracle data centres?
  • Do you have multiple production clones, staging areas and other test/development environment?
  • Do you use a third party outsourcer to manage your IT or that provides remote Database Administration services?
  • Do you have any Oracle based Disaster Recovery environments?
  • Do you have Named User Licences (NUPS)?
  • Do you have any old license metrics? – check your support renewals and contracts to see if you are using old UPU metrics for Oracle Database
  • Have you made any acquisitions, divestments or been involved in any mergers since your last purchase of Oracle products?
  • Do you provide a chargeable service for customers that is powered by applications underpinned by Oracle products
  • Do you have multiplexing scenarios?

Probability of getting audited by Oracle:

One YES : Some Potential Risk

Six YES : Very high risk of an Oracle Audit

The diagram below shows you the process followed by Oracle in informal / soft audit or formal LMS audits:

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Sheshagiri helps companies reduce Software License & Support costs through deployment optimization and risk management in software license compliance audits. His core skills are Software License Management, Enterprise Software Sales & Sales Management.

Sheshagiri is, currently, the Managing Partner & Principle Licensing Advisor at Rythium Technologies. Prior to this, he was a Vice-President in Oracle Corporation.