Microsoft Server Pool License Review

 Microsoft Windows Server & SQL Server

The Microsoft Server Pool Baseline License Review provides you with a complete view of your current Microsoft Server Pool product deployments and licensing position.

The products included for review are:

  • Windows Server
  • SQL Server

Scope of Work & Deliverables

Microsoft Server Pool Baseline License Review Engagement

Phase 1: Data Collection

The data collection phase consists of the discovery and inventory of software assets using

  • Euladox – our ITAM tool
  • Agents / Scripts

followed by the mapping of inventory data, usage, and license entitlements.

This phase may also include interviews with key stakeholders to ensure all relevant data and information is collected to provide a full and accurate analysis on software deployments and licensing entitlements

Phase 2: Data Analysis

The data analysis phase includes the review and validation of all collected data, the identification of all Microsoft license agreements. During this phase, ways to optimize software investments are explored to provide final engagement considerations and recommendations.

Engagement Deliverables

  • Microsoft Windows Server Software Deployment Report
    Details of all discovered Microsoft Windows Server in your IT infrastructure
  • Microsoft SQL Server Deployment Report
    Details of all discovered Microsoft SQL in your IT infrastructure
  • Effective License Position for Windows Server & SQL Server
    The ELP report provides details  related to license entitlements which are mapped to deployments and identifies any gaps or underutilization in your organization.
  • License Optimization Recommendations Report
    This report provides recommendations on how to optimize your Microsoft licensing program and structure for your company. The report details risks, liabilities, and opportunities associated with your current licensing practices and recommendations on how to better manage your licenses to minimize future risk.