IT Contracts Management

Get visibility and control of your IT contracts post-award with Rythium Contracts Management module.

Contract Management Lifecycle

The Contract Management lifecycle consists of:

  1. Pre-Award Processes: This stage of the lifecycle is concerned with awarding a contract and making the initial purchase.
  2. Post Award Processes: This stage of the lifecycle is concerned with managing activities after the contract is signed.

Rythium’s contract management module manages the post-award activities of a contract. These activities include:

  • Compliance of terms and conditions
  • Contract amendments
  • Contract milestones & key events management
  • Contract expirations and renewals
  • Disputes, and claims
  • Vendor performance analysis and risk assessments
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Contract closeouts

Euladox Architecture

Euladox Design Framework

Euladox follows the below best practice frameworks:

Hardware Asset Management: Combination of IAITAM, Gartner & ITIL Frameworks
Software Asset Management: Combination of IAITAM & Gartner frameworks
Incident Management: ITIL Framework

You can read more about the different frameworks here

Hardware Catalogue & Asset Recognition

Most inventory scanning software provide raw data with scant information about the servers and desktops. This does not help in understanding the attached software licensing potential and risks. Hence Euladox has taken a very different approach to asset recognition.

Euladox has a very extensive hardware catalogue and contains all servers (Intel, AMD & RISC) manufactured after 2001, all virtualization technologies and hypervisor versions and all Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris & HP-UX, MacOS versions.

This ensures error-less asset recognition leading to the capability of providing exact network asset distribution and software license deployed positions.

Asset Inventory Database

The asset inventory database holds all the information of every single asset discovered in the network. Customers can view raw data of discovered devices or normalised information after asset recognition.

There are more than 50 reports and views to enable users to see specific information as desired. The system also offers multiple filters across all reports and views so that reports can be customised.

Asset Modelling

Assets that cannot be discovered or are not currently available in the hardware catalogue can be manually modelled. This enables customer to manage any kind of asset in the organisation.

Warranty & AMC

The contracts management module is completely integrated into the asset management module.

Customers can manage and track all Annual Maintenance Contracts in the system. Some of the facilities provided are:

  • AMC Tracking for each asset
  • AMC reminders through email notifications and alerts

Notifications and Alerts

Customers can configure email notification and system alerts for any event. For example, an email alert is needed for payment of AMC or for completing True-Up Negotiations etc.

Asset CMDB

The Asset CMDB is a key aspect of Euladox ITAM. There is a difference between an ITAM database and a CMDB. Euladox ITAM takes all the necessary relationships for an Asset as a CI and helps build up the dependancies. Customers can track changes made to the asset over a period of time. Read more about Asset CMDB here.