Partner With Rythium

 Independent Oracle license management advisory firm.

The complexity of Oracle’s software licensing landscape often leads to unintended contractual non-compliance for client organizations, triggering audits and potentially significant financial penalties. These penalties not only raise concerns about transparency but also disrupt digital transformation initiatives by straining IT budgets.

Rythium’s Oracle license expertise can help you optimize your customer’s Oracle license, subscription and annual support costs. Our technical capabilities combined with our licensing expertise can help defend your clients in Oracle License Audit engagements.

Typical Partners of Rythium:

Partner with us if you are:

  • A System Integrator (SI)
  • Oracle License Reseller
  • Financial or Legal Advisor
  • Merger and Acquisition Specialist
  • A Managed Service Provider or an IT Outsourcing Firm
  • Application Hosting firm
  • Application Development Firm (ISV)

How do we work with partners?

  • Through referrals.
  • As sub-contractors.

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