Cost Reduction

 Independent Oracle license management advisory firm.

Oracle Sourcing Challenges

Oracle procurement environment has been complicated for long. This is despite Oracle having been quite consistent and transparent about its list prices since two decades. As discussed elsewhere in this website, the challenge has been the complexity in understanding licensing.

Cost Reduction Challenges:
Wrong Utilization
Over buying
Under utilization
Low leverage

Oracle Cost Reduction Principles

The cost reduction principles center around:

  • Avoiding over usage of license
  • Optimal usage of virtualization technologies
  • Using the correct product editions and licenses
  • Support Cost reduction
  • Contracts negotiation
  • Cloud Migration
Remediation & Rebalancing
  • Disabling usage of non-licensed features
  • Analyzing past usage of different features
  • Changes to deployment architectures
  • Migration to latest versions
Optimal License Utilization
  • Granting roles & responsibilities on need-basis
  • License deployment housekeeping
  • Termination, migration & replacement of incorrect and underutilized licenses
Support Cost Reduction
  • Flexibility in Oracle license & support contracts
  • Termination of underutilized licenses
  • Third party support
Contract Negotiation
  • Most critical for cost & risk reduction
  • Future license & support costs management

Cost Reduction during Cloud Migration

  • The correct understanding of BYOL to OCI
  • Compliance of on-premise systems
  • Support Reduction through rewards and termination.