Why Choose Us

Apart from being the best, we are different than others in many ways when it comes to Oracle licence management

No Conflict of Interest

We are neither a partner of Oracle nor a re-seller of their licenses. We are on the same side of the table as you.

Most license consulting companies – be it the large audit firms with IT service arms or ‘SAM’ service companies – have an inherent, built in conflict of interest because of their association with Oracle either as a license re-seller, integration partner or implementation partner. These companies play on both sides of the table. Any potential license non-compliance situation  is a revenue opportunity for them rather than a situation that should be interpreted correctly and resolved with multiple remedial possibilities.

We make no money from reselling Oracle licenses or implementing/integrating Oracle solutions. We love Oracle’s technology & application, understand its licensing in depth and use this knowledge to reduce our customer’s risk & exposure.

The Rythium Advantage

Our CEO is vain enough to believe that he is the best in this business. And our customers believe in this too. We are also proud to state that we do not have a single even slightly unhappy customer in  this business.

We understand Oracle and its licensing principles, processes, practices and people like very few other companies do. We spend a lot of time researching the changing nuances to Oracle’s approach to licensing its products to their customers across the globe.

Expert Discovery Tools

There are two ways to discover Oracle installations – either you go by Oracle’s almost manual methods of using multiple scripts & port scanners or you build a better tool that picks up all the information that Oracle’s own tools pick up & then go further to pick up information on feature usage, virtualization, hard partitioning etc : parameters that influence final license deployment counts.

We have built Euladox that does all of the above and much more. Euladox has 22 years of Oracle licensing rules embedded in the system helping you get automated reports of deployment and compliance.


Rythium has been formed by a former Oracle executive with nearly 16 years of ‘selling’ Oracle products and getting customers to sign Oracle license agreements. Both of these are an art by itself. The latter is not easy while facing a questioning customer. The experience of doing the same thing hundreds of times helps in understanding how to manoeuvre around Oracle’s contracts with skill and care.

Rythium has, in the 5 years since it was founded, has helped nearly 40 customers to manage Oracle contracts, license audits, audit defenses, ULAs and PULAs.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

What are Rythium’s Specific Skills?

Oracle has one of the largest set of product portfolios in the software market & each of them can, and do, have different licensing methodologies. Advising a customer regarding Oracle licensing requires the consultant to:

  • Understand infrastructure technology – Operating Systems, Databases & Middleware
  • Understand applications – ERP, CRM, SCM, Telecom, Banking, Insurance etc
  • Understanding deployment architectures – Virtualization, Processor types, replication methods etc
  • Understand Legal Contracts – licensing rights, IP rights, usage terms etc
  • Understand Negotiation – what can get approved, what is the right ask, etc
  • Understand Risk Management – how far is too far, what is the right thing to do, etc

Rythium has all the above skills and tools to give the best independent Oracle License Management services.