Oracle License Review & Audit Advisory

 Independent Oracle license management advisory firm.

We bring trusted expertise to every Oracle engagement.

Rythium is simply the best Oracle License Audit Defense consulting firm. Every customer of ours has benefited between 30% – 100% of potential Oracle exposure

Negotiate with Oracle from a position of strength & confidence
The presence of Rythium on your side gets you back control in your Oracle relationship

Oracle License Audit Defense

Never face Oracle alone. Engage us for Oracle License Audit Defense during an impending or on-going Oracle license review or audit. With us you will have control of the Oracle Software Audit and you will have the confidence not to get intimidated by Oracle’s tactics.

Rythium will help you with (a) Developing a response plan, (b) drafting each of the responses, (c) explain the contractual terms of your agreements, (d) conduct a quick baseline audit to understand the compliance/non-compliance gap, (e) push back on any incorrect requests or conclusions by the Oracle teams, (f) support you in the final negotiations & (g) work out the correct future Oracle strategy.

Oracle license auditors will not dictate terms to you when you engage us.

The presence of Sheshagiri from Rythium changes everything. We were staring at an exposure of $23m of ‘alleged’ license non-compliance gap. Rythium’s Oracle License Audit Defense showed us that we didn’t have to pay a penny. And this, despite our having a very good internal SAM team.

– CIO of a IT Product Development Company

Why Us ?

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Oracle License Training

Understand our Oracle License Training syllabus

Oracle ULA Optimization

The Oracle ULA is a double edged sword – useful at times and extremely costly most of the time. The ULA is a contract that is written to benefit Oracle today and tomorrow. Our Oracle ULA Optimization Services will help customers get the greatest benefits including the correct contractual terms and the lowest prices.

Rythium has many services during the ULA decision process: (a) ULA initial decision process (b) ULA Renewal Decision (c) ULA Negotiation Support (d) ULA Optimization & Management (e) ULA Audit Defense (f) ULA Certification

With us on your side, you will never feel trapped in the ULA by Oracle.

Rythium worked with us to get our database, middleware and applications ULAs certified. They worked with us on the management & certification for a year. Their understanding of Oracle negotiation procedures and license optimization techniques have saved us at least $3m in upfront ULA renewal fees.

– Vendor Relationship Head,  Large Manufacturing Company

Oracle Licensing on the Cloud

AWS Oracle LIcensing, Azure Oracle Licensing, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Oracle Licensing on third party clouds

Comprehensive IT Asset Management

Eualadox defines ITAM as the process of of managing the lifecycle of an IT Asset  from the point of its purchase in an ERP to the point of disposal. IT Asset Management combines inventory, contractual terms and financial costs of an IT asset  enabling an organisation to make strategic investment decisions for managing the IT environments.

IT Asset Management is about Hardware (HAM) and Software (SAM).

Euladox ITAM has been designed to provide all features needed for the IT Infra leads & CIOs : asset discovery, single inventory database for hardware & software, asset tracking through MACD activities, consumables management, AMC & warranties & very extensive contract management capabilities.

I have used a variety of tools for trouble ticketing in my career, but TS is the easiest tool to implement and use. Rythium has created a fundamentally simple system without sacrificing functional requirements. Monitoring team performance is also very easy using the beautifully designed dashboards.

– IT Head, EPC & Oil Distribution Company


You need to count the number of licenses in an ‘Unlimited’ License Agreement (ULA) ?

Oracle License Review

When you are using Oracle software, the chances are that you are non-compliant. Our Oracle License Review services will help you with:

  • Baseline Compliance Check
  • License Optimization

We will conduct a confidential deployment inventory of Oracle products in your network and provide a baseline license position. We will then advise you on how to optimize the licenses and remain compliant.

Rythium has the best tools for Oracle license deployment discovery. We got the most detailed information on Oracle database options, all editions of Weblogic, multiple middleware & integration products as well as our vast EBS deployment within a couple of weeks. Have never seen this capability in any of the license consultants we have worked with before.

– CIO, Large Financial Services Company

Oracle VMware Licensing

Understand how to license Oracle on VMware. You can optimize your datacenter using virtualization technologies like VMware and still not increase Oracle costs.

Oracle License Training

It is always a good idea to be knowledgeable about Oracle licensing policies if you are managing or procuring Oracle licenses for your organisation. Prior knowledge will help you stay in control of licensing costs and avoid compliance risk

Our Oracle licensing training has been used by some of the worlds largest organisations to train their SAM team, Oracle DBAs, Infrastructure Managers & Vendor Management Teams.

Most of the Oracle License Training is directly handled by our CEO who has over 20 years of Oracle licensing experience.

I can say with absolute certainty that there is no one better than Sheshagiri to learn about Oracle licensing. His depth of understanding of the basis of Oracle licensing, his knowledge of the contractual terms, policy migrations over the years, practical experience of handling Oracle negotiations & his passion for teaching has helped us learn Oracle licensing & immediately get control of our engagements with Oracle.

– IT Head, EPC & Oil Distribution Company