Managed SAM Services

 Independent Oracle license management advisory firm.

Managed SAM Services

Continuous monitoring of license compliance
Meet Software Cost Optimization Targets

Rythium’s managed SAM service is delivered directly to end-user clients on either a continuous or a scheduled basis.

The goals of our managed services are to

  • Meet software and cloud service cost optimization targets
  • Meet software license risk management and governance objectives.
  • Establish a platform of trustworthy data incorporating usage rights and license consumption transparency

Key Software Vendors Managed

Group 1
Oracle, Microsoft, Adobe, IBM, VMWare, Red Hat, Quest, Micro Focus

Group 2
Salesforce, Citrix, Autodesk, McAfee, TIBCO, Siemens, Dassault

Group 3
Any publisher that is specifically requested by the end-user. We set up a process and tools for discovery and license management

Group 4
All software discovered during the network scan. We provide deployment data.

Rythium SAM Managed Service Process

Rythium SAM Managed Service Process