Merger and Divestiture

 Oracle Licensing in M&As is complex. Come to us during for a due diligence prior to financial closure.

Oracle Rationalization for Merger/Acquisition & Divestiture

It is crucial to conduct due diligence into Oracle license deployments in case you are divesting a business unit or merging with/acquiring another legal entity.


When you are divesting a business unit, the IT assets will also be split. While it is easy to split hardware assets and software licenses that are tied to devices, the challenge comes up with publishers like Oracle (and quite a few others).
The reason for the challenge is the contract signed by the parent entity with Oracle. While there could be footprint reduction and change in both the parent and child entities, Oracle may not allow splitting of costs.

Merger & Acquisition

A M&A scenario brings about challenges of overlapping license entitlement and usage. The due diligence should be carried out prior to the finalization of the merger since Oracle could be a significant portion of the IT costs. Estimate potential savings opportunities and anticipated costs will help define the IT transformation roadmaps too.
New and amended agreements need to be negotiated post the merger.

How can we help?

We will assess the deployments, estimate potential savings, analyse risks & license non-compliance exposures and recommend optimizations. We will also prepare you for the post-Merger/Acquisition or Divestiture procurement negotiations & contractual changes.