Oracle Pricing Negotiations

 Get the Best Price & Commercial Terms By Using Our Services

Oracle Vendor Management program is Rythium’s premier offering for customers who want to control the entire lifecycle of Oracle procurement, license compliance and reduce costs of the Oracle ecosystem.

Why is Oracle an extremely difficult vendor to manage?

  • Oracle products are deeply embedded into the IT infrastructure and used for core operations.
  • Oracle cost increases are unpredictable.
  • Oracle deployment sprawl needs governance.
  • Oracle’s contracts are long term contracts without easy exits or correction possibilities.
  • Oracle tends to use very aggressive sales practices and the fear of license audits to grab huge revenues from their customers.
  • Oracle has a huge ecosystem that wants to make money from their customers. The partners of Oracle act in unison.
Rythium’ earns when you save.
We complement your Procurement, IT and Finance teams.
Savings of 30% – 100% of alleged license non-compliance.
Savings of 40% to 70% in regular software purchase.

Rythium’s Expertise in Oracle Vendor Management:

  • Knowledge of Oracle’s business practices. This knowledge has been honed through decades of working on Oracle negotiations, license management engagements and vetting of Oracle contracts. We have worked with more than 180 customers.
  • Operational Expertise across the multiple facets of the vendor management process – managing license compliance, contract amendments & pricing structures.
  • Knowledge of Oracle’s technologies and Applications. Negotiations with Oracle is not about money alone. It is also, and maybe even more important, about the functionality, deployment use cases, restrictions on usage of feature sets etc. Without the ability to understand how these factors affect your procurement it can get difficult to get the best value from your investments into Oracle licenses.

What are the components of  Rythium Oracle Vendor Management program work?

  • Oracle Costs Accounting
  • Oracle License Compliance
  • Oracle Technology Workshops (from Rythium’s experts)
  • Managing technology presentations from Oracle’s technical teams
  • Oracle Procurement Negotiations

Savings of  30% to 100% through Rythium’s Negotiation Support

Rythium has been working on understanding Oracle pricing and contract terms over the past decade across the globe. This has given us the ability to advise our customers on the correct commercial and contractual terms to negotiate with Oracle.

Oracle Pricing Changes Overview

In our view, Oracle had maintained a reputation for competitive and consistent pricing within the enterprise IT space over the past decades. But this is changing.

In the past few quarters:

  • Oracle has started to bring in many changes to their
    • license metrics,
    • product bundles,
    • license agreements and
    • pricing structures.
  • The complexity of their licensing structures has led to over-procurement of certain licenses while not managing compliance for many of their products.
  • Oracle has been increasing their support prices.
  • Oracle support re-pricing has become more stringent even while many customers are looking to exit the usage of specific products.

Benefits of Rythium’s Oracle License Pricing Advisory Services

These services help our customers in

  • Not overpaying for Oracle licenses and subscriptions
  • Having visibility into the data needed for negotiations.
  • Understanding the Oracle pricing methodology for different contracts
  • Ability to evaluate multiple proposals.
  • Reducing costs
  • Mitigating future commercial and legal exposures

How do we do it?

  • We may, arguably, have the best understanding of Oracle’s policies, processes, opportunities, and vulnerabilities.
  • We also monitor Oracle’s price points across products, procurement levels and geographies.
  • We work with customers to negotiate with oracle – either at the backend or as members of your team.

Apart from the above, our services can also include:

  • License deployment visibility and optimization
  • Contracts optimization
  • Oracle license audit defence services
  • Third Party support services

Oracle Expertise

You might want to read more about our CEO Sheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu). He is amongst the foremost Oracle License Experts globally.