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We have worked with more than 240 clients in India, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Africa USA & UK.

Java License Discovery, Normalization & Optimization<
Rythium’s Java deployment discovery & license optimization solution has been extremely useful to our company.The solution quickly and easily discovered all of our Java deployments, both on-premise and in the cloud. The data was then normalized into multiple licensable and non-licensable categories, which gave us a clear understanding of our Java licensing compliance. It helped us to improve our Java licensing compliance and gave us a clear understanding of our Java deployments.  We were able to identify and remediate unlicensed Java deployments. Most importantly, Rythium’s Oracle License Consulting & Java license management services helped us get the correct understanding of the fair value for negotiations with Oracle.

COO of a bank

Windows Server & SQL Server Optimization
Rythium’s team of experts conducted an in-depth analysis of our existing Windows Server and SQL Server deployments, identifying areas of potential optimization and cost-saving opportunities. Their comprehensive assessment Rythium’s team of experts conducted an in-depth analysis of our existing Windows Server and SQL Server deployments, identifying areas of potential optimization and cost-saving opportunities. Their comprehensive assessment highlighted instances of underutilization and over-licensing, which were adversely affecting our budget. With their expert guidance, we were able to streamline our licensing model, right-sizing our Windows Server and SQL Server licenses to match our actual needs. They provided us with tailored recommendations to optimize our infrastructure while maintaining full compliance with licensing requirements.

CTO of a large bank

Reducing Oracle License Non-Compliance

I am very happy to share my incredible experience with Rythium and how they reduced our Oracle database and WebLogic non-compliance issues.

Rythium’s team of experts conducted a comprehensive assessment of our existing infrastructure, meticulously analyzing our Oracle database and WebLogic deployments. They identified areas where we were falling short of compliance and presented us with a detailed plan for optimization. Their insightful recommendations for architectural changes allowed us to align our infrastructure with Oracle’s licensing requirements, effectively reducing our non-compliance risks. They guided us through the implementation process, ensuring a seamless transition while minimizing disruptions to our operations.

I highly recommend their services to any organization seeking to navigate Oracle licensing complexities

IT Infrastructure Head of a large retail chain

ULA Price Reduction Negotiations

We are a large bank with an extensive installed base of Oracle products.  During the initial negotiations for renewal of our Oracle ULA, we felt that the terms and conditions were not entirely favorable to our organization.

Rythium’s experienced consultants quickly assessed our situation, thoroughly analyzed the existing agreement, and identified areas where improvements could be made. Their team explained how we should engage in discussions with Oracle to better advocate for our specific needs. Their skillful negotiation tactics and attention to detail resulted in a revised ULA deal that better met our requirements, offering  both enhanced flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

CPO of a very large Indian bank

Oracle Audit Defense

I cannot recommend Rythium enough for their outstanding services in protecting organizations from the complexities of Oracle license audits.

When our organization received notice of the audit, we were filled with anxiety and uncertainty. Thankfully, Rythium’s team of experienced consultants stepped in and provided us with expert guidance and support throughout the entire process.

Their extensive knowledge of Oracle licensing policies and audit procedures proved invaluable as they meticulously examined our licensing agreements, usage data, and compliance records. They skillfully navigated the audit proceedings, ensuring that we were fully prepared with accurate and comprehensive information.

CEO of an IT Services company.

ULA Certification

I am thrilled to share my experience with Rythium and how their exceptional Oracle License Consulting services enabled me to achieve Oracle Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) certification effortlessly. From the moment I engaged with their team, I knew I was in capable hands.

Rythium’s expertise and deep understanding of Oracle licensing intricacies were evident throughout the entire process. Their principal consultant worked closely with me, guiding me through the complex ULA certification process. Thanks to Rythium’s diligent efforts, we successfully obtained Oracle ULA certification, giving my organization the peace of mind and legal compliance we needed.

CIO of a leading healthcare company

A few of our Audit Defense & Oracle License Consulting customers

Oracle ISV
  • 3000 Oracle Database Instances
  • 700 Weblogic Servers
  • Java Review
  • 3 Global datacenters
Manufacturing Company
  • 12,000 desktops
  • 200 locations
  • 5 Data centers, 600 servers
  • Oracle Database, Middleware and Other Technology Products
IT Services Leader
  • 1,00,000+ Desktops/Laptops
  • 7,000+Servers
  • Multiple Data Centers
  • Global Spread
  • Oracle Database, Middleware, Java, EBS
  • Java Review
Financial Service Leader
  • 300+ Servers
  • Oracle Technology Products
  • Oracle ERP
  • Multiple domains
  • Multiple geographies
  • Java Review
  • ULA Services
  • 10,000 + Servers
  • Oracle database, Middleware, EBS
Leading Global Telecom
  • 14,000 + Servers
  • Oracle Database, Middleware, EBS, Siebel, Comms Specific Products, Multiple legal entities

ULA Certifications & Renewals

Oracle OPN Partner (ISV)
  • Financial Services ISV
  • Baseline Deployment Assessment leading to advise to enter into a ULA. After end of term, we recommended a renewal to add additional products
  • Large Automotive Conglomerate
  • Three ULAs analyzed. Recommended exit on one and renewal on two. Later, on term end, we recommended complete exit.
  • Largest Siebel certification
Mobile Telecom
  • Global Telecom Giant
  • Split one single ULA into multiple contracts. Recommended 2 exits and 2 renewals. During second term end, recommended 1 exit and 1 renewal
Financial Services
  • Leading NBFC with multiple entities
  • Baseline deployment assessment led to advise to enter ULA, at end of term recommended renewal with product addition. Advised exit at second renewal
  • Global BPO Giant
  • ULA mid-term audit defense. Later, optimized and recommended ULA exit.
  • Largest technology products certification
  • Regional Retail Franchise Leader
  • ULA deployment analysis, optimization and exit recommended.
  • Leading Global Banking Giant
  • Baseline deployment analysis, ULA Contract analysis, Maximization of ROI from ULA, ULA Certification documentation
  • Regional Insurance Major
  • Oracle License Continuous Compliance, Maximization of ROI from ULA, ULA Certification Documentation
Telecom Infrastructure
  • Leading Telecom infrastructure provider
  • Baseline deployment analysis, ULA Contract analysis, Maximization of ROI from ULA, ULA Certification documentation, License Assignment Advisory

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You might want to read more about our CEO Sheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu). He is amongst the foremost Oracle License Experts globally. Contact him to understand the terms in the Oracle ULA Glossary in more detail.