Software Removal post Internal License Audit

Sheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu)

Removal of Software is one of the most important processes to be followed once you complete an internal audit of software deployed across the enterprise.

Why is Software Removal Important ?

  • Decreased Compliance Risks – fewer installations means lesser contracts to manage.
  • Increased Security – fewer installations means decreased number of holes to plug in protecting data you value.
  • Decreased Costs – no maintenance or license fees & no maintenance services costs on removed software.

What are the steps for Software Removal ?

(this is not a process map, only a brief summary)
  1. Conduct an internal audit of software deployed on all your systems across the enterprise.
  2. Conduct a Criticality Analysis of the deployed software
  3. Collate list of Software for Removal
  4. Get approvals for removing the software from the stakeholders.
  5. Schedule the tasks for removal process
  6. Execute the tasks and remove software that was approved for removal.
  7. Conduct a quick inventory of software deployed software.


Sheshagiri Anegondi

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Sheshagiri helps companies reduce Software License & Support costs through deployment optimization and risk management in software license compliance audits. His core skills are Software License Management, Enterprise Software Sales & Sales Management.

Sheshagiri is, currently, the Managing Partner & Principle Licensing Advisor at Rythium Technologies. Prior to this, he was a Vice-President in Oracle Corporation.