Oracle ULA FAQ

The Complete Oracle ULA Guide

While there can be many documents in the Oracle Unlimited License Agreement, the mandatory are:

  • Oracle Master Agreement (OMA)
  • Oracle Ordering Document (OD)
  • License Definitions & Rules (LDR)*
  • Technical Support Policy*

The OD is specifically amended for the Oracle Unlimited License Agreement. It is explained in detail below.
We are note describing the OMA because it is explained in other sections of the Rythium Website.

*The LDR & Technical Support Policy can either be included in the documents or pointed to through a hyperlink in the OD.

Also, apart from the above two documents, it is possible to have multiple others, like:

  • Employee Confirmation Certificate
  • Revenue Confirmation Certificate
  • Entity List
  • and, any other document that might be needed to give clarity to the negotiated terms and conditions.

While the Oracle Unlimited License Agreement contract does not specify separate sections, we have identified them for providing clarity while describing the document:

  1. Header Section
  2. Product List Section
  3. Pricing Section
  4. Linkage with OMA Section
  5. General Terms Section
  6. Unlimited Deployment Rights Section
  7. Earlier Licenses Section
  8. Annexures

oracle ula contract

This section contains:

  1. The legal name and address of the Oracle entity that is contracting with the customer.
  2. The customer entity legal name and address
  3. The customer contact person’s name, email address and telephone number.

This section contains the list of licensed products and the quantity.

The reason for mentioning the quantity, despite this document being used for an ‘unlimited’ license, is that a customer can have a mix of

  • limited (or capped) and
  • unlimited licenses.

This section is generally attached to the product list section.

The pricing contains details of the following:

  • Program Fees (this is the License fee)
  • The one year support fees for the above
  • The existing support fees (for licenses purchased in the past)
  • Support Reinstatement fees (if any)
  • Support Credit (if any). (Note: this can also be mentioned elsewhere and need not be in this section)

The next few sections discuss the terms and conditions of the Oracle ULA. These are

  • Customer Definition
  • Unlimited Deployment Rights
  • Certification Conditions
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestiture Rules