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According to Oracle, 97% of Fortune 500 companies license & use some Oracle software. Going one step further more than 420,000 companies license & use Oracle software across 145 countries. It is, therefore, most probable that you are one of Oracle’s customers.

And, if you are a customer of Oracle, Oracle has the contractual right to audit your use of their software.

It is also well known that Oracle does not take its contractual right to audit lightly. There are enough and more examples each week of Oracle initiating a fresh license audit at some of its 420,000 customers. As Gartner puts it ‘it is not whether you will get audited, but when’.

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Oracle License Management | ULA

Complete Software License Management solution. Get precise control of your software licenses through automated agentless discovery and error free entitlement data

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Oracle Database Audit | Oracle on Vmware

Never face Oracle alone. Engage us to defend yourself during an impending or on-going Oracle license review or audit. With us you will have control of the Oracle audit process and you will have the confidence not to get intimidated by Oracle’s tactics.

Rythium will help you with (a) Developing a response plan, (b) drafting each of the responses, (c) explain the contractual terms of your agreements, (d) conduct a quick baseline audit to understand the compliance/non-compliance gap, (e) push back on any incorrect requests or conclusions by the Oracle teams, (f) support you in the final negotiations & (g) work out the correct future Oracle strategy.

Oracle license auditors will not dictate terms to you when you engage us.

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Oracle ULA Services

We provide multiple services for management of Oracle Unlimited License Agreements:

  1. ULA Assessment: This is for customers who are not currently under a ULA with Oracle. We analyze your deployments and future requirements and provide you with a recommendation on whether to sign a ULA or procure licenses as and when required.
  2. ULA Optimization & Management: This is a service for customers who are currently under a ULA and want to maximize their investment and remain compliant to the agreements with Oracle. We analyze your deployments, recommend changes, monitor the changes made and ensure that you get the maximum value from the money spent on the ULA.
  3. ULA Renewal Services: This is a service for customers currently under a ULA and nearing the end of the term. We analyze your deployment, prepare certification documents and advise you on renewal / non-renewal of the ULA.
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Java Assessment

Understanding your Java license position has become extremely critical as Java is no longer a strictly free platform.

Java grew in popularity because it was ‘free’ and provided under the GNU GPL by Sun Microsystems. The GNU GPL allowed developers to modify, use and copy Java code without payment of royalties. But, post 2010, when Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and provided Java under the Binary Code License, all features of Java have not been free for all types of uses.

More importantly, from January 2019, Oracle has brought about many more changes to its Java licensing. Java users are currently ripe and attractive targets for compliance audits.

We have developed discovery and license normalization techniques to provide you with an enterprise wide Java (from Oracle, Open source, IBM, RedHat, etc) deployment inventory as well as a Java ELP. Using our services you will be able understand your exposure, if any, to Java license fees.

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Oracle Contracts

Complete Software License Management solution. Get precise control of your software licenses through automated agentless discovery and error free entitlement data

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Support Reduction

Complete Software License Management solution. Get precise control of your software licenses through automated agentless discovery and error free entitlement data

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Oracle License Training

We provide corporate and public schedule Oracle license training. Rythium’s Oracle Licensing & Contracts training is covered over a two-day boot camp. The course equips participants to manage licenses effectively & grasp the continuously changing Oracle Licensing landscape.

Products Covered
Oracle Database, Database Options, Enterprise Manager & Management Packs, Oracle Middleware, Oracle E Business Suite, Siebel,  Business Intelligence, Identity Management, Acquired Products, Oracle Cloud

Documents Covered
Oracle Master Agreement, Ordering Document, License Schedules & Annexures, Oracle Licensing & Services Agreements, Support Policy, License Definitions & Rules, Distribution Agreements, Contract Amendments, Audit Notices, ULA, PULA

Some of our customers for Oracle Training:

  • Bank (a top 5 Pvt Bank in India)
  • IT Services Company (in global top 5)
  • Global Automotive Company
  • Large Manufacturing Group in South India
  • Leading Retailer


Course Contents

Day 1 Day 2
Introduction to Oracle Licensing Oracle Application Server & Weblogic Licensing
Oracle’s Understanding of Client Server, Three Tier, Internet Architectures, Hosting Differences and similarities in Oracle Database & Middleware licensing
The Oracle Technology Stack Oracle Distribution Agreements
License Definitions & Different License Types Oracle Contract Documents
Oracle Database Options & Management Packs Licensing Special Clauses in Oracle Contract Documents
Licensing Oracle in different environments, data recovery situations Cloud Services Agreement
License Oracle in virtualised environments Oracle License Support Status, Support Levels & Migrations
Understanding Oracle’s view of server partitioning Oracle License Audits
Sun, IBM, HP partitioning. Maintaining a baseline for Oracle license positions