Oracle Contracts & Agreements

Oracle has a multiplicity of contracts and agreements. It is useful to know what many of them are used for

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Oracle Contracts

Oracle was one of the first IT companies in the world to put out their pricing and contractual documents on their public websites. But navigating them continues to be very hard.

While we believe that Oracle contracts are much more equitable than some other large software vendors, the multiplicity of these documents & the various terms can expose customers to risks of non-compliance as well as high annual costs.

The contracts you sign to finalize an Oracle software deal contain terms and conditions that you must live with throughout the life of that product. You should show the same due diligence in negotiating the contract as you did in choosing a particular product for your enterprise. Before you sign the final agreement, you’ll need to address several contractual issues.

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List of Oracle Contracts & Agreements

Some of the more commonly used and popular Oracle contracts are given below:

Publicly Used Acronym Name of the Agreement/Contract Brief Description Signatories
OMA Oracle Master Agreement The first agreement in the contractual hierarchy. Contains general terms governing IP, usage, liability and audit. Has schedules specific to different product sets Oracle – Customer
OMA Schedules Schedule P
Schedule H
Schedule C
Schedule LVM
The schedules are described below, they are co-terminus with the OMA Oracle – Customer
Schedule P Schedule P – Programs (Software) Schedule pertaining to usage of Software owned or distributed by Oracle. Oracle – Customer
Schedule H Schedule H – Hardware Schedule pertaining to usage of Hardware, Operating System Integrated Software Oracle – Customer
Schedule C Schedule C -Cloud Services Schedule pertaining to use of Cloud Services (SaaS, Paas, IaaS) Oracle – Customer
Schedule LVM Schedule LVM – Linux VM Service Schedule pertaining to use of Linux and Oracle VM Support Oracle – Customer
OLSA Oracle Licensing & Services Agreement Legacy agreement for software and support services Oracle – Customer
CSA Cloud Services Agreement Agreement specifying hosting and software application service on the cloud Oracle – Customer
LDR License Definitions & Rules Document specifying the definitions of different license metrics and their application to different Oracle products Oracle – Customer
OD Ordering Document Document showing the bill of material, fees, payment terms, special conditions that might amend other agreements Oracle – Customer or
Oracle – Partner (if the deal is through a reseller)
OPN Oracle Partner Network Agreement with Oracle PartnerNetwork, ( channel partner program that provides resources and benefits for value-added resellers & independent software vendors.) Has been recently modernized with additional cloud benefits Oracle – Partner
OTN Oracle Technology Network OTN is the site for publicly available Oracle technical resources. The OTN agreement is for using Oracle products for development Oracle – Customer
BCL Binary Code License Legacy Java License Oracle – Customer
ISV MA Independent Software Vendor Master Agreement Contract for software developers who want the right to resell Oracle programs with their software Oracle – Partner
FUDA Full Use Distribution Agreement Agreement to allow partner to resell full use Oracle licenses Oracle – Partner
OD Addendum Addendum to the Ordering Document Can be any additional changes/entitlements/obligations negotiated with Oracle for use of specific products and services pertaining to a single purchase. All changes to any other documents generally come in these addendums/amendments Oracle – Customer or
Oracle – Partner (if the deal is through a reseller)
ASFUDA Application-Specific Full Use Distribution Agreement Agreement with ISV to allow resale license that is restricted to a particular application package Oracle – Partner
ESL Embedded License Agreement Agreement with ISV to embed Oracle licenses into a specific application package Oracle – Partner
CSDA Cloud Services Distribution Agreement Agreement to allow partner to resell Oracle cloud services Oracle – Partner
ULA Unlimited License Agreement Specific ordering document pertaining to unlimited license agreements Oracle – Customer
POF Pool of Funds Agreement Specific ordering document pertaining to pool of funds agreement Oracle – Customer
Technical Support Policy Technical Support Policy Pertaining to the provision of support services including obligations of fees Not physically signed. Hyperlinked in the OMA
OSA Oracle Services Agreement Legacy agreement for support services Oracle – Customer
DPA Data Processing Agreement Agreement regarding the processing of personal data while providing services Oracle – Customer

Managing Oracle Contracts in Rythium Tool

The Contract Management module within Rythium Software & IT Asset Manager has been developed to manage all types of contracts ‘post-award’. While all types of contracts can be managed in this module, it is pre-configured for IT contracts.

The key features of Rythium Contract Management Module are:

  • Centralized Contracts Repository
    • Configurable Contract Hierarchy
    • Update all contract information regarding terms, clauses, payments
    • Securely upload all contract documents in any format
    • Multi-parameter search
  • Entitlement Management
    • Integrated with Rythium IT Asset Management
    • Manage all IT Software and hardware entitlement through standardized SKUs
  • Notifications and Alerts
    • Configure alerts & reminders and notify stakeholders of milestones and upcoming events.