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What do
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Oracle LMS

Baseline License Review
Oracle ULA
Java License Review
Audit Defense

Microsoft SAM

Baseline License Review
EA Renewal Advisory
Office 365 Optimization

SAM Services

Managed Service for SAM
All Publishers
IT Contracts Management

Procurement & IT Contracts

IT Procurement Negotiations
Contract Terms Review
Pricing Advisory

Oracle License Experts
License Deployment Review |
Compliance Risk Mitigation

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Oracle License Experts

Rythium has the leading global Oracle License Experts in its ranks. All our consultants have been trained by our CEO to understand licensing policies and deployment architectures

Oracle Audit Defense

Rythium’s Oracle Licensing expertise has helped customers save 40-100% of the Oracle License Audit demand. We can assist you before an audit or after you have given the script outputs

ULA Certification & Renewal

Understand the benefits of exiting and/or renewing the ULA. Our Oracle License Experts can help you get the highest return on your ULA investments and mitigate future compliance risks

Java License Review

We will assess the deployments, estimate potential savings, analyze risks & license non-compliance exposures and recommend optimizations

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Oracle Baseline License Review

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Oracle Baseline License Review

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Oracle Cloud Migration
License Migration, Compliance in Cloud

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OCI License Experts

This is the all you can eat option from Oracle. Pay an upfront fee to Oracle and use as much of the identified products for a fixed period of time. This licensing option, one of the most popular for Oracle customers, can be both beneficial and turn out to be very risky.

Licensing in Multi-Cloud

Get visibility and control of your IT contracts post-award with Rythium Contracts Management module.

Cloud License Agreements

Get visibility and control of your IT contracts post-award with Rythium Contracts Management module.

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Microsoft License Management
License Compliance & Optimization

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Software License Management

Full feature SAM Services with automated software inventory, contract management & automated ELP generation with product specific licensing rules.

Windows Server | SQL Server

If you use software, you are bound to be audited. Vendors conduct audits to garner revenue. Use our internal audit & audit defense service to avoid costly software costs.

Office 365 Optimization Services

 We provide globally the best Oracle license management services. Audit defense, contract negotiations, cost-avoidance, ULAs, support cost reduction.

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What are Rythium’s Specific Skills?

License Management requires specialized expertise across technology, licensing, legal and finance domains. Rythium consultants, with decades of hands-on experience, bring these specialized skills to work for you:

  • Understand infrastructure technology – Operating Systems, Databases & Middleware
  • Understand applications – ERP, CRM, SCM, Telecom, Banking, Insurance etc
  • Understanding deployment architectures – Virtualization, Processor types, replication methods etc
  • Understand Legal Contracts – licensing rights, IP rights, usage terms etc
  • Understand Negotiation – what can get approved, what is the right ask, etc
  • Understand Risk Management – how far is too far, what is the right thing to do, etc

Rythium has all the above skills and tools to give the best independent Oracle LMS, Microsoft SAM and Managed SAM Services.

Our Promise

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Data Accuracy

Precise Discovery. Correct Entitlements.
The key to successful software license manaegment is accuracy in data.

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We have no partnerships with major software companies and avoid any conflict of interest in our license management services

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Risk Mitigation

With our services providing full visibility into software usage, you can optimize licenses, cut costs, & mitigate risks

Customer Speak

Note: The nature of our business precludes us from publishing customer names.
We love to connect our customers for one-on-one reference calls & discussions.

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Useful Links

You might want to read more about our CEO Sheshagiri Anegondi (Sheshu). He is amongst the foremost Oracle License Experts globally.