Rythium Introduces Java License Analyzer – Get Visibility & Analytics to Navigate Oracle Java Licensing Changes and Reduce Costs

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 30: Rythium Technologies, a leading provider of Oracle licensing solutions, today announced the launch of the Java License Analyzer, a groundbreaking tool that simplifies and streamlines Oracle Java licensing changes & Java cost management for enterprises.

According to Sheshagiri Anegondi, CEO of Rythium Technologies, the Java License Analyzer empowers enterprises with unparalleled visibility and analytics into their Java deployments enabling them to make informed decisions about Java licensing strategies and mitigate the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Oracle Java licensing has become an increasingly complex issue for enterprises worldwide. The evolving licensing landscape, coupled with the growing adoption of Java technologies, has created a significant compliance burden. Oracle’s revised Java licensing structure has significantly increased the cost of Java usage, with analyst estimates ranging from a 10-fold to a 14-fold increase.

Because of the Java license changes, organizations will be compelled to re-evaluate their Java usage patterns. The initial step in this process entails gaining comprehensive visibility into their current deployment landscape.

The Java License Analyzer is an almost fully automated tool that provides deep insights into an organization’s Java deployments. It scans servers, desktops, and cloud environments to identify all Java installations and associated licenses. The tool meticulously categorizes and standardizes all detected Java

Armed with the comprehensive insights derived from the Java License Analyzer, IT and Procurement teams can effectively negotiate optimal pricing and terms for Java licenses from Oracle or make informed decisions to leverage alternative third-party JREs at more cost-effective rates,” asserts Anil Nahata, Partner at Rythium Technologies.

The Java License Analyzer is a powerful tool that can help organizations of all sizes effectively manage their Java licensing compliance. By providing visibility, automation, and control, the Java License Analyzer helps organizations reduce Java costs, mitigate risks, and ensure that they are using Java technologies in a compliant manner.


The Java License Analyzer is available in two editions:

  • Java License Analyzer – Standard Edition. This edition enables customers to deploy and use the tool on their own.
  • Java License Analyzer – Premier Services Edition. This edition includes the subscription license for the tool with services included for a one-time discovery & analysis engagement.
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Sheshagiri helps companies reduce Software License & Support costs through deployment optimization and risk management in software license compliance audits. His core skills are Software License Management, Enterprise Software Sales & Sales Management.

Sheshagiri is, currently, the Managing Partner & Principle Licensing Advisor at Rythium Technologies. Prior to this, he was a Vice-President in Oracle Corporation.