Oracle License Inventory Discovery

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Oracle Licensing Dependencies

The following parts of your enterprise IT set-up needs to be discovered in order to enable Oracle license deployment calculations:

Hardware & Network

  • Server Manufacturer
  • Server Model
  • Processor Model
  • Max Number of Sockets
  • Number of Populated Sockets
  • Number of Cores Per Socket
  • Virtualization Technology
  • Number of cores for each VM
  • Clustering

Database Software Details

  • Instance Name
  • Product Version and Edition
  • High watermark
  • Number of PDBs
  • Features used triggering options licensing
  • Features used triggering packs licensing
  • Replicated Database Server
  • Partitioned Objects
  • Database Users
  • Dates


  • Weblogic Features Used to categorise editions
  • Weblogic Versions
  • Commercial Java Features used
  • Features Used for other middleware products (IDM, BPM, OAM)
  • Dates


  • JDK Publisher
  • Java Version
  • Java Update
  • Date Installed

E Business Suite

  • Deployed Applications
  • Application Users
  • Active / End Dated Users
  • Log In – Log Out Dates
  • Customization

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Rythium Oracle License Baseline Audit Methodology

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How Can We Help You Discover & Evaluate Your Oracle Licenses?

We have a dedicated service to help you understand your Oracle license deployment and compliance:

Rythium Oracle License Baseline Service (Click Here)
We can conduct a one-time scan of your network, analyze your contracts and provide you with a compliance report.