Oracle ULA Renewal Management & Certification

Till some years ago, we used to focus on working with customers who wanted to enter into Unlimited License Agreements (ULAs) with Oracle. The situation has changed in the past few years. Customers are currently focussing on managing the ULAs that have already been contracted.

The questions that our customers are asking today are:

  • What is the value we have got by signing onto the Oracle ULA?
  • What are the compliance risks we might get exposed to?
  • We still have time; do we have the understanding & methods to get more value?
  • Should we
    • Renew the ULA,
    • Enter a Perpetual ULA (PULA) or
    • Terminate & certify the licenses deployed during the term of the ULA


When should customers engage?

While customers can get into an engagement with us for this service at any time during the term of the ULA, we recommend a one-year program is best suited to understand opportunities, threats, optimize usage and maximise the return on your ULA investments.

Oracle ULA Management Engagement Process

A peek into the various tasks and sub-tasks during the engagement:

Oracle ULA Products
Deployment Review

  • We conduct a baseline license review to understand the global deployment of Oracle ULA products in your network.

Oracle ULA
Contract Analysis

  • Analyse your ULA contract for standard and non-standard terms & language
  • Understand your oracle agreements, standard usage rights & license definitions
  • Analyse the rights, obligations & risks of any non-standard language in your contracts
  • Determine your entitlements of different Oracle licenses

Baseline Effective ULA License
Position Including any Non-Compliance

  • A global Oracle deployment report across your enterprise
  • Server-wise Oracle license analysis
  • Financial analysis for exposure and risks including license & support fees

Remediation Strategy

  • Recommendations to optimize license usage through architectural changes
  • Feature usage remediation recommendations

Maximization Strategy

  • Recommendations to optimize license deployments in line with the terms of your ULA contract
  • The plan will be designed based on time available, current deployment architecture and future projected license requirements

Renewal or

  • Recommend ULA renewal or license certification at the end of the term
  • ULA certification documentation preparation and deployment check

Should you certify your ULA or enter into a PULA?