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We delivers SAM & HAM managed services supported by Euladox – our best-in-class ITAM application.

The services establish a trustworthy dataset, develop and maintain license positions, and analyze optimization opportunities across all publishers and software deployed in your organisation.

Euladox Tool + Services for SAM & HAM

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Baseline Inventory

Baseline Software Inventory collection and maintenance are the heartbeat of any successful compliance, cost or risk management program. Conducting a baseline inventory & effective license position (ELP) review is the key to reaching a compliant and optimized software license position.

The following processes make up our Baseline Inventory & ELP service:

  • Asset Discovery & Inventory
  • Entitlement & Contracts Analysis
  • ELP Generation

The ELP can be provided for a specified set of publishers or your complete deployed software programs.

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Rythium’s DEC Framework
For Software License Management
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Contract Management

Ownership and usage of IT hardware & software are governed by a myriad contracts & agreements. Unlike other standard physical assets that can be defined by ownership IT Assets, especially software, are never owned by the user. The user only has rights to use the asset. Nowadays even IT hardware is coming into this realm as they have embedded software and subscription agreements are coming into play.

IT Contracts are complex. Their management is crucial to manage IT budgets, maintenance costs, support renewal timelines, subscription renewals etc.

Euladox ITAM has extensive contract management capabilities. You can record the entire contract lifecycle in Euladox ITAM.

Rythium provides ‘Outsourced IT Contract Manager Services’. Our Contract Manager will ensure you consistently maintain accurate information & detailed reporting across all contracts. He/She will:

  • Record all IT contracts into Euladox
  • Create a digital repository of physical contracts
  • Set up notifications and alerts for any important ‘contract event’ or SLAs like expiration dates, renewal dates etc.
  • Continuously update the records whenever you procure new goods or services.
  • Collect & provide data for negotiating new agreements or procurement.
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Always Audit Ready
– Rythium for SAM

‘Always Audit Ready‘ is our premium managed services for Software & IT Asset Management.

Vendor audit activity continues to increase despite SaaS & other cloud offerings that were expected to end all software license audits. Falling or very slowly increasing revenues have made ‘license audit campaigns’ revenue generating engines. Many vendors have increased their audit portfolio to include larger sets of products (IBM, Oracle, SAP are examples that customers have brought to us).

It is imperative for customers to remain ‘Always Audit Ready’ so that you do not need to have large financial and legal exposures when a vendor comes knocking with a license review or audit request.

Use the expertise of Rythium to set up and run your SAM processes – we will constantly keep you update with your deployment and compliance status, provide & monitor issues of non-compliance, provide the necessary legal and audit defense advise & hand-holding.

You will never have to pay non-compliance penalties when we are engaged with you.