License Management Services

Software License Reviews, Managed Services for License Management, Audit Defense Services, SAM Maturity Assessments

Our services will empower you to make informed decisions to increase the value of your software investments while managing risks for your organisation.

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Tooled SAM Services | Rythium

Our framework for License Management Services takes the best practices from multiple disciplines – IT, Legal, Finance, Procurement & Risk Management. A diagrammatic view of our framework is provided below:

Baseline Inventory

Baseline Software Inventory collection and maintenance are the heartbeat of any successful compliance, cost or risk management program. Conducting a baseline inventory & effective license position (ELP) review is the key to reaching a compliant and optimized software license position.

The following processes make up our Baseline Inventory & ELP service:

  • Asset Discovery & Inventory
  • Entitlement & Contracts Analysis
  • ELP Generation

The ELP can be provided for a specified set of publishers or your complete deployed software programs.

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Rythium for SAM

Proactive reporting and decision-making supported by quality data will mitigate software license audit risks. But, this kind of activity requires a dedicated SAM Program. Achieving an optimized SAM program is a transformative effort, and it involves people, processes, and technology.

Our SAM Maturity Assessment helps you to benchmark your organisation’s current status with respect to the key competencies in the SAM Optimization Model. The end goal of the assessment is to evaluate the SAM Optimization level of your organization based on a set of established and objective criteria. Once your organization
knows its optimization level, it can work to advance from one optimization level to another.

The SAM Optimization Model involves competencies and process across the IT, Procurement & senior management functions. The aims across are to enable control risks, optimize efficiencies with centralized asset tracking & cost reduction processes, and grow the IT business infrastructure to adapt to future needs with long-term planning.

The SAM Optimization engagement involves the following transformative activities:

SAM Maturity Assessment

The SAM Maturity Assessment can have multiple engagements in a project customized to your needs:

  • Baseline Inventory & ELP Review
  • SAM Processes Analysis
  • Procurement Processes Analysis
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Audit Defense

Quite a few software companies use license audits as revenue generation opportunities.  Allegations of under-licensing using untenable interpretations of license agreements have been used to push additional license sales.

Customers should be prepared with the correct defense strategies that have attention to detail to defend allegations of non-compliance.

We have extensive experience in helping customers develop the audit defense strategies and have hand-help many clients in license audits and disputes.  Get in touch with us to ensure that publishers comply with license agreements, prevent intrusive audits and re-negotiate contracts.

In fact it is not important omplete Software License Management solution. Get precise control of your software licenses through automated agentless discovery and error free entitlement data

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Java Scan

Understanding your Java license position has become extremely critical as Java is no longer a strictly free platform.

Java grew in popularity because it was ‘free’ and provided under the GNU GPL by Sun Microsystems. The GNU GPL allowed developers to modify, use and copy Java code without payment of royalties. But, post 2010, when Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems and provided Java under the Binary Code License, all features of Java have not been free for all types of uses.

More importantly, from January 2019, Oracle has brought about many more changes to its Java licensing. Java users are currently ripe and attractive targets for compliance audits.

We have developed discovery and license normalization techniques to provide you with an enterprise wide Java (from Oracle, Open source, IBM, RedHat, etc) deployment inventory as well as a Java ELP. Using our services you will be able understand your exposure, if any, to Java license fees.