How Can I Reduce Oracle Support

Oracle support payments can be the highest cost item in the IT budget of many companies. And, most customers of Oracle, believe that support costs are non-negotiable. Whilst, at face value, this maybe so – we in Rythium have helped customers reduce their annual support costs. It is not an easy task, but can be done.


Network Asset Discovery

Competitors: Lansweeper, Manage Engine, Service Now, BMC, Splunk, Spiceworks, Symphony Summit

How are we different?:

  1. Most application vendors use standard protocols – SNMP, WMI, WinRM & SSH – to query systems and get information. Euladox also uses all of these protocols, but we have a gone a bit further because of our focus on total IT Asset Management & Software License Management. We have built special adaptors to get information on MS SQL Server, MS Windows Server, VMware vCenter, IBM LPAR virtualization, Oracle Databases, Oracle Weblogic & Middleware, Oracle E Business Suite, IBM DB2, IBM Websphere, Adobe Creative Suite, Quest software etc.
  2. Euladox has a built in project-planner for network discovery. This ensures that granular information from entities, locations and specific network segments are pre-defined.
  3. Quick Start: Discovery can start within minutes of installation of Euladox.


IT Asset Inventory Database

Competitors: Lansweeper, Manage Engine, Service Now, BMC, Splunk, Spiceworks, Symphony Summit

How are we different?:

  1. All the application vendors provide ‘raw-data’. We define raw-data as data obtained by querying the systems using the various protocols. There is no additional intelligence added to this data.
  2. We have tried to go one step further and provide:
    1. A view of the raw-data ( very similar to all other vendors)
    2. Data views after normalization:
      1. Recognition of virtualization technologies
      2. Server Model recognition: Euladox has a master catalogue of more than 3000 servers and each detected server is mapped against this catalogue.
      3. Software recognition: Every single software detected is recognised according to its licensing definitions.


IT Asset Management Applications

Competitors: Lansweeper, Manage Engine, Service Now, BMC, Splunk, Spiceworks, Symphony Summit, Flexera

How are we different?:

  1. One set of application vendors provide you raw-data from discovery for use with ITSM products. These vendors develop ITAM functionality as an afterthought are as a filler functionality so that they can meet customer RFP / tender requirements. The functionality is slim.
  2. Another set of vendors have full fledged ITSM + ITAM products that provide complete ITAM functionality. But, then, these vendors have generally made the implementation extremely complex. The implementation is similar to ERP projects.
  3. Euladox is built for ITAM and quick implementation. We want our customer to start discovering their assets within hours of installation and have a full fledged IT Asset Management implementation in a few weeks.
  4. Euladox is one of the few ITAM applications that provides you with a complete life-cycle of an asset from Deployment to Retiral including discovery, hardware information, software information, software license compliance, warranty, AMC, notifications for planned events, contract management & IMAC information through incident management.


IT Helpdesk / Incident Management

Competitors: Freshservice, Freshdesk, Lansweeper, Manage Engine, Service Now, BMC, Splunk, Spiceworks, Symphony Summit, Oracle Service Cloud

How are we different?:

  1. We have to admit that there is not much to differentiate us from competition. We follow ITIL guidelines – quite a few others also do the same.
  2. We have tried to build the application based on a large number of practical use cases apart from following publicly accepted standards.
  3. We have developed the application to be implemented very quickly. You can set up categories, initial templates, email settings and users within hours of installing the application and start using it.


Software Asset Management

Competitors: Snow Software, Aspera, Flexera. Also Manage Engine, Lansweeper, Freshservice, Symphony Summit

How are we different?:

  1. There are two sets of vendors with SAM functionality:
    1. SAM specialist applications
    2. Network discovery & service management applications with a bit of SAM functionality
  2. Euladox is a ‘SAM specialist’ application with extensive functionality to satisfy every feature needed for software license management.
  3. Euladox may be one of the few applications in the market with adaptors to help customers manage software license compliance of specific publishers.



AD Management

Competitors: Lansweeper, Manage Engine, Service Now, Spiceworks, Symphony Summit

How are we different?:

  1. Some of the vendors have extensive Active Directory management and reporting tools.
  2. Euladox has a module for day-to-day Active Directory tasks that help in making the user & agent more productive.
  3. The system is more intuitive and action oriented compared to competitive offerings.


Contract Management

Competitors: Lansweeper, Manage Engine, Service Now, BMC, Splunk, Spiceworks, Symphony Summit, Aspera, Snow Software, Apptus, Oracle, SAP

How are we different?:

  1. Euladox has one of the most comprehensive Contract Management modules. It is way ahead in functionality when compared with vendors providing ITAM, ITSM or SAM tools.
  2. Euladox, apart from contract preparation functionalities, compares very well with features available in products from the large application vendors like Oracle or SAP and contract management only vendors like Apptus or iCertis.
  3. Euladox can be your single repository for all contracts, agreements, purchase across the organisation.


Oracle LMS Consulting

Competitors: Palisade Compliance, Miro Consulting, Redbricks Consulting, Konnagr, b-Lay, KPMG, Deloitte, PwC, E&Y, Software One

How are we different?:

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