Certified Oracle Licensing Practitioner

License Oracle conducts instructor-led training workshops. The workshop equips participants to manage licenses effectively & grasp the continuously changing Oracle Licensing landscape both on-premise and on the cloud.

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Workshop Overview

Products Covered

Oracle Database, Database Options, Enterprise Manager & Management Packs, Oracle Middleware, Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel, Business Intelligence, Identity Management, Acquired Products, Oracle Cloud

Documents Covered

Oracle Master Agreement, Ordering Document, License Schedules & Annexures, Oracle Licensing & Services Agreements, Support Policy, License Definitions & Rules, Distribution Agreements, Contract Amendments, Audit Notices, ULA, PULA

Day One Day Two
Introduction to Oracle Licensing Oracle Application Server & Weblogic Licensing
Oracle’s Understanding of Client-Server, Three Tier, Internet Architectures, Hosting Differences and similarities in Oracle Database & Middleware licensing
The Oracle Technology Stack Oracle Distribution Agreements
License Definitions & Different License Types Oracle Contract Documents
Oracle Database Options & Management Packs Licensing Special Clauses in Oracle Contract Documents
Licensing Oracle in different environments, data recovery situations Cloud Services Agreement
License Oracle in virtualized environments Oracle License Support Status, Support Levels & Migrations
Understanding Oracle’s view of server partitioning Oracle License Audits
Sun, IBM, HP partitioning. Maintaining a baseline for Oracle license positions

Who Should Attend, Schedule

Participant Profile
  • Software Asset Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Datacenter Infrastructure Managers
  • Oracle DBAs
  • Oracle License Management Advisors

Public schedule classes are held quarterly in India & UAE.
Contact us for the dates.