Discover IT Assets

Build the Single Source of Truth with a Centralized ITAM Database using Rythium’s Agentless or Agent-based discovery.
Discover all assets – hardware, devices, software, usage patterns, licenses

Adheres to  ISO19700 and ISO20770 standards

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Rythium Discovery Overview

Rythium Discovery automates asset discovery to better gain visibility into hardware, software, and services in on-premise and multi-cloud  environments. It provides the trusted foundation for building application maps that enable digital transformation to be more aware, secure, and cost-transparent.

Hardware Discovery
The Rythium Discovery solution provides you with full network autodiscovery for compute servers, end-points desktops & laptops, switches, routers, firewalls, load balancers, VLANS, subnets, hypervisors like VMware vSphere ESXi, Hyper-V, Xen, KVM, AHV etc.

Software Discovery
The Rythium Discovery solution provides with in-depth software discovery on Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac platforms.

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Rythium Global Discovery Capabilities

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Rythium Agentless Discovery Satellite

Rythium Agentless Discovery

Agentless discovery brings in agility and flexibility.  Agentless discovery avoids the management complexity of permanent software installed on discoverable devices.

The agentless discovery module is knows as Rythium Discovery Satellites. It does not require the installation of client software on any of the devices or systems in the network. This makes it easier to implement, faster to discover, and extremely scalable from the smallest to the largest end-point populations.

All credentials and firewall rules are local to the customer and under customer’s complete control. This allows organizations to get
started very quickly with minimal effort to maintain.

Rythium Discovery Satellite has the following key attributes that are crucial in building a good asset inventory database:

Key Attribute Details
Native Deployment Euladox does not depend on any 3rd party scanning software for collection of network inventory data.
Multi-protocol Discovery Euladox scans and discovers all networked devices – computers, network printers, routers, switches, etc.
Multi-segment & Location Discovery The discovery satellite works both in online and offline modes allowing discovery of every potential combination of network architectures.
Native Adaptors Active Directory, VMware, Hyper V, Xen Server, OVM, Oracle Technology Products, IBM MQ, DB2, MS SQL Server.
Real Time Reporting Discovery completed and error reports for monitoring and troubleshooting.
Troubleshooting Tools for troubleshooting access issues
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Discovery Protocols

The key protocols used for network scan and discovery are:

Protocol Details
WMI Windows Device Discovery
SSH Linux & Unix Device Discovery
SNMP Network Devices Discovery

Apart from the above, Euladox uses specific adaptors for Oracle database, Oracle Middleware, IBM MQ, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, VMware vCenter etc.

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What Is Discovered?

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Discovery Features in Rythium ITAM

Rythium Discovery Satellite has extensive features for agentless discovery as well as many specialized adapters for specific Softwares.

Agentless Discovery Features Specialized Adaptors
Ip Range Discovery MS Windows Server
Active Directory Domain Discovery MS SQL Server
Windows Workgroup Discovery Oracle Database
SSH Discovery Oracle Weblogic
SNMP Discovery Oracle Middleware
Complete OID Scanning Oracle E-Bussiness Suite
Vmware Host – VM Mapping Java
Windows Event Log IBM DB2
Automated Warranty Check (Dell, HP, Lenovo) IBM Websphere
Software Usage Metering IBM MQ Series
Chrome OS Quest Toad
Mac OS Eclipse IDE

Rythium Discovery Agent

Rythium Discovery Agent

The Rythium Discovery Agent is used mainly for scheduled asset discovery and application metering purposes. The agent has to be installed on every machine and will return the required data about:

  • The hardware details of the machine
  • The Installed Software information
  • Application Usage metering data
  • Installation Alerts

Software Metering Using Rythium Discovery Agent

Most inventory scanning software provide raw data with scant information about the servers and desktops. This does not help in understanding the attached software licensing potential and risks. Hence Euladox has taken a very different approach to asset recognition.

Euladox has a very extensive hardware catalogue and contains all servers (Intel, AMD & RISC) manufactured after 2001, all virtualization technologies and hypervisor versions and all Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris & HP-UX, MacOS versions.

This ensures error-less asset recognition leading to the capability of providing exact network asset distribution and software license deployed positions.

Rythium IT Asset Repository

ITAM Database

The ITAM database is a repository that is designed to track and report on the physical, financial & contractual data of IT Assets through its lifecycle from deployment to retiral.

The ITAM database has information on

  • Hardware inventory
  • Software inventory
  • Contract Renewals
  • Contract Terms
  • Assets costs
  • Software License Entitlement
  • Effective License Position (ELP)
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The asset inventory database holds all the information of every single asset discovered in the network. Customers can view raw data of discovered devices or normalised information after asset recognition.

There are more than 50 reports and views to enable users to see specific information as desired. The system also offers multiple filters across all reports and views so that reports can be customised.

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Rythium IT Asset Repository

Rythium’s Euladox ITAM’s Asset repository is like a CMDB where ITAM data & Asset Service CI data intersect. It is a CMDB for the Asset CI.

The Rythium Asset CMDB has all the attributes needed to manage the IT Asset lifecycle as well as the Asset Service Lifecyle. It is more efficient as you need a single database to get Asset & CI data. This will benefit an organization because they would not have to purchase a separate software solution nor would they have to train employees how to manage an additional product.

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Asset & CI Data in Single Repository

Rythium ITAM combines data of both databases for the Asset CI.
The following table provides you a brief description of features needed in a CMDB and those found in an ITAM database. It also provides you with details of features built into Rythium ITAM.

Feature CMDB ITAM Database Rythium IT Asset Repository
Auto Discovery
Hardware Inventory
Software Inventory
Software Licensing
IP & MAC Address
Subnet Details
Asset Lifecycle Management
Incident Management
CI Application Relationships
Contract & Financial Data
User Information