Software License Manager for Datacenters

Get visibility and control of your data center software assets and complex licensing architectures


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Designed to be the best software for datacenter license discovery & compliance management.

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Datacenter License Compliance

  • 80% enterprise software costs is in the datacenter.
  • Licensing for servers and virtualized environments is complex
  • Small mistakes in software license deployment can lead to very large monetary & legal exposure
  • Best savings can be achieved through datacenter license management

What is Discovered

Hardware Information

Server Manufacturer & Model
Host Name & IP Address
Number of Sockets Populated
Number of Max Sockets
Processor Model
Number of Cores Allocated

Virtualization Details

VMware vSphere & vCenter Mapping
Standalone ESXi – VM Mappin
Xen Server Mapping
IBM Power VM LPAR Mapping
Nutanix AHV

Software Discovered

Oracle Database (Oracle 8i upwards)
Database Options
EM Management Packs
Weblogic Editions
Golden Gate

Software Discovered

Windows Server
Linux OS Subscription
VMware License
MS SQL Server
Symantec Server Side
MS Server Side
E-Business Suite

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Software & Platforms in Today’s Datacenters

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Network Discovery

Discovery Satellite conducts Agentless discovery of all the assets in your enterprise network. The scan automatically provides visibility of all assets including software deployed information.

Euladox Discovery Satellite has the following key attributes that are crucial in building a good asset inventory database:

Key Attribute Details
Native Deployment Euladox does not depend on any 3rd party scanning software for collection of network inventory data.
Multi-protocol Discovery Euladox scans and discovers all networked devices – computers, network printers, routers, switches, etc.
Multi-segment & Location Discovery The discovery satellite works both in online and offline modes allowing discovery of every potential combination of network architectures.
Native Adaptors Active Directory, VMware, Hyper V, Xen Server, OVM, Oracle Technology Products, IBM MQ, DB2, MS SQL Server.
Real Time Reporting Discovery completed and error reports for monitoring and troubleshooting.
Troubleshooting Tools for troubleshooting access issues

Discovery Protocols

The key protocols used for network scan and discovery are:

Protocol Details
WMI Windows Device Discovery
SSH Linux & Unix Device Discovery
SNMP Network Devices Discovery

Apart from the above, Euladox uses specific adaptors for Oracle database, Oracle Middleware, IBM MQ, IBM DB2, MS SQL Server, VMware vCenter etc.

Datacenter License Reports

Asset Deployment

  • Windows Server Deployment
  • Linux Server Deployment
  • Unix Server Deployment
  • Host – VM Mapping

Software Deployment

  • Oracle Server Worksheet (for Database & Middleware Products)
  • Oracle License Deployment Summary
  • Windows Server
  • MS SQL Server Deployment
  • VMware compliance
  • Red Hat Entitlement Deployment
  • IBM Software Deployment
  • Symantec Deployment

ELP & Entitlement

  • ELP for all relevant publishers
  • PO & Contracts
  • Software Entitlement
  • AMC, Warranty, Subscription Renewal