Oracle & Cloud Migration

The world is in the midst of migrating workloads to the cloud. Oracle workloads too are part of this transformation journey.

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Choices Available

As with most other software, the choices for Oracle customers are:

  • Continue on=premise
  • Move the on-premise license to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • Move the on-premise license to AWS, Azure clouds
  • Move the on-premise license to non-approved clouds like Google, Alibaba etc
  • Co-locate servers on hosting providers
  • Move out of Oracle software

What does Oracle want?

Oracle, wants, unsurprisingly

  • Increased revenue
  • Continued customer relationship
  • Increased adoption

None of these goals are wrong, per se. Neither are they exclusive to Oracle. AWS, Google, Microsoft are also gunning for the same goals.

Customer Goals while moving to the cloud

  • Protect legacy Oracle investment
  • Spend less on future license while migrating to the cloud
  • Reduce costs, if possible

How do we help?

We will assess the current deployments, estimate potential savings on moving to the cloud using Oracle’s BYOL policies, analyze risks & license non-compliance exposures and recommend optimizations.